132nd Derby (2nd Chaddesden) Scouts

132nd Derby (2nd Chaddesden) Scout Group

Onwards and upwards

From then on the numbers started to rise with another member,  Gordon Macrae (Mac), then Keith Hudson, Allen Layzell, Fred Moss and Doug Ruff.  These boys formed the first patrol, the ‘Swifts’ with Gordon as Patrol Leader and Brian as 2nd.  In November 1951 they got themselves a new ASM, Mr E Moore.  By December 1951 they were able to hire a room at Morley Road School.

A second patrol came into being and by December 1951 the 2 patrols consisted of;

  1. Swifts: G Wilson PL, D Ruff 2nd, C Sammonds, K Hudson, A Layzell, R Bedwell and R Duro.
  2. Eagles: B White PL, G Macrae 2nd, F Moss, B Shoffield, R Livermore and J Bedwell.

In January of 1952 new members were enrolled, F Ditheridge, P Hudson and M Brennan and as a result, a new Patrol, the ‘Owls’ was formed with D Ruff as PL.

By Feb 1952 they had selected their team for the Foxwell competition in Chaddesden Park.  The Patrols also regularly went to Locko Park to train in Fire-lighting, Axemanship etc.

In July 1952 there were both Scouts and Cubs meeting at Morley Road School, and to help support them Arnold Jenny and Mr Boddy formed the Parents Committee, along with P C Watson. The first president was Mr Carlin of Moor Grange, Morley Road.

Jan 1953, George Orchard officially left 1st Spondon to join the 132nd.  After much fundraising, money was raised to enable the troop to buy tents.  During the summer holidays of that year, the scouts borrowed the Guide Hut from Chaddesden Guides and paid them the princely sum of 10s for the privilege.

The Chaddesden ParishCouncil adopted a recommendation that the Group should erect a new HQ on land at the Maine Drive entrance to Chaddesden Park in November of 1952.  The building would be of brick and asbestos, 50’ x 20’ and would be liable for a rent of £5 per annum for the use of the land, the tenure of the lease to be for the unexpired part of the lease of the park – about 75 years.

Stephen Boddy, with his Godmother Gwen Nichols, of Spondon Guides 

The Wolf Cubs were also gaining badges at this time, with A Crook and C Walklate gaining their Observer Badge.

In May of 1955 Brian White received his Queen Scout Badge from the Chief Scout at a Rally in Chatsworth Park.

At a meeting at the home of Mr K Waumsley in early 1956, it was decided to form a Rover Crew with G Orchard, Brian White, Geoff Smith, Ken Waumsley, Gordon Macrae, Tom Birkenshaw, Ron Price and Ken Mitchell as the founder members.  They would be known as the 132nd Derby Rover Crew and they would become part of the Drum Hill Rover Crew. The crew attended Drum Hill and helped organise a water supply, chopped wood, buried dead rabbits, cut steps and renovated fences and tackle. In September of that year, Wolf Cub badges were awarded to Malcolm Birkenshaw, Derek Clare, Michael Ford and John Harrison.

In 1957 the Derby and District Scout Association consisted of 14 groups with the following officers:

District Commissioner A I Fenwick

ADC Cubs                                J E Hale

ADC                                            T Roome

DCM                                           T O Hogg

DSM                                            T Ordish

DRSL                                          C M Williams

President of the District was Mrs Drury Lowe.

January of 1957 was a sad time for the Scouts following the death of David Webster aged 12 in an accident when his bicycle was in collision with a lorry on Derby Road in Spondon.  The Group raised money for a wreath and a funeral service was held at St Mary’s, Chaddesden, where the Scout group were represented by Mr Orchard GSM, Mr C H Roberts SM, and Mrs G Orchard Cub Leader. During that year the Troop attended a District Camp at Gilwell and a Jamboree at Sutton Coldfield.

The troop spent early 1958 planning their new HQ on Dr Dow’s land in Northwood Avenue.  Nominees from the Group Committee were Mr E Poyser and Mr A Jenney.  They set about planting shrubs on the land before final completion of the purchase and rented a garage on Morley Road to store their equipment.

March 1960 marked the first meeting of the Rover Crew since 1956, at Northwood Ave HQ, with Ron Price, Brian White, Charlie Thatham, Bob Cheetham, Bob Jenney, Phil and David Boddy and seniors Les Gaskin and Ian Smith.  Plans were made to run the Edale checkpoint for the 4 Inns challenge.  This was followed by an AGM in April of that year with the addition to the Crew of Fred Moss and M Walford. Also that year the Crew formed the Colour Party at the St George’s Day Parade.

Alan, Dave, Les and Phil

The Cubs and Scouts held their 10th birthday celebration in March of 1961 at the Public Hall, Chaddesden.

Jack Antcliff, the District Commissioner announced in March 1963 that Sally Orchard was to be awarded the Medal of Merit and was appointed to ADC (Cubs).  Later that same year the 132nd beat the 27th in the semi-final of the A T Camp six-a-side Trophy, but were then beaten by 147th in the final.  The Trophy was presented by Mr A T Camp, a long serving Scoutmaster.

In 1964 Jim Foote was made Chairman of the Group Council and in May the Friday Scout Goup held their first meeting.  This was a newly formed group of senior scouts drawn from the Eastern Division, meeting at 132nd HQ.

Mr Dow’s home was purchased in 1965 with Mr Camm preparing plans for the new HQ.  A new ASM Smith joined the Troop and a birthday party was attended by W Spink and Ken Pye. The Cubs had an outing to Dudley Zoo in May of that year and the final plans for the new HQ were submitted to the Planning Dept.  Planning permission was received in June with an estimate to resite the old building to make way for the new one. 4 new Scouts and 16 new Wolf Cubs were welcomed into the group.  There were various camps that year, at Drum Hill, Locko Park and Chatsworth.  Police Constable Watson became GSM.

In December they held a Christmas Social where the guests, including Mr Wright, (Pres), W Spink, K Cumberlidge, J Foote, Mrs Eden and Mrs Gould were treated to a film of the Jamborette at Chatsworth, and a Xmas draw took place.

In 1967 a trip to London for the Cubs and Scouts was organised. Gordon Carron took over as Akela and pictures of the new uniform were shown.  The new HQ was nearing completion and preparations for the Annual Camp to Caergwle in Flintshire were well on the way.  PC Watson moved to Spondon to work and Mr Boddy left Chaddesden to live in Worthing.

1968 saw the change to the new training programme, several trips to Drum Hill and the bi-annual swimming gala at Queen St Baths.  Sadly this year also saw the death of Mr Riley, the ex-treasurer, but on a brighter note, the new HQ was opened by Mr Walkerdine (Scout Commissioner) and dedicated by Rev Parry.  A celebration cake and buffet was provided by Mrs Carron and a team of ladies.  Miss R E Woodall, retired headmistress of Chaddesden Park School became President of the Group as well as Guide Commissioner.

Mrs Radford became assistant Chairman in 1969.  The scouts were still meeting at the school hall but a fire there destroyed some of their equipment.  The death also occurred of Mr Wright, ex Group President.

In May of 1969 Leslie Gaskin married Lesley Nichols (ACL of 66th Derby 1st Spondon) at St Werburghs Church, Spondon.

Paul Camm became the new Quartermaster in June, and in September proposals were made to erect a new storage hut at a cost of £10.  Mr Mitchell resigned as Treasurer in November, and in December the new hut was completed.

January 1970 saw J Pye invited to be an instructor.  Les Gaskin was to resign as SL after the AGM and relinquish his warrant and Dave MacAlister was to take over at SL.  In April the group won the Talbot Trophy, and held 2 camps at Ilam and Shining Cliff Wood.  Mrs Bates resigned as Chairman of the Group Council and Mr Mitchell resigned as Treasurer. In July Mr Wenham was appointed as Asst GSL.  In December Tony Miles was awarded the first Scout Standard in the Troop and John Wright gained the first World Friendship Badge in the Derby area.

1971 started off with another break-in at HQ.  During the recent power cuts someone had been helping themselves to lamps and gas-stoves.  By March the total membership of the group stood at 83.  In June of this year a fifth Scout Patrol – the Seagulls was formed.  In July Tony Miles was presented with his Chief Scout Award and in September the Cubs held a reunion camp at Drum Hill.  In October ASL Andy Kinsey resigned as he was leaving the Derby area.  Miss S Davis was welcomed as an instructor with the Cubs in December.  Mr J Moore offered to compile a history of the group to celebrate their 21st birthday. G Carron and Miss Pickersgill celebrated their marriage on the 18th of December1971.  The year finished as it started with yet another break-in at the hut with 2 hike tents, frying pans and axes stolen.

Mr G H Wenham took over from Mr C Roberts as GSL in January.  Unfortunately there had been insufficient time to complete the Group History, so it was decided to leave it for the 25th anniversary.  Steven Mitchell gained his Chief Scout’s Award in the early part of the year.  At this year’s AGM Mr J Winsom resigned as Group Chairman and Mrs Olive Eden became Group President.  In October Mr N Davies took over from P Camm as QM.  P Camm then took over as secretary.  In December Adrian Snape was presented with his Chief Scouts Award. A fifth patrol – the Owls was started with PL Bryan Foote and APL Paul Cholerton.

Les Gaskin and Cyril Roberts at Wrexham

In January of 197I the second Troop was formed and the 132nd won the Taylor Trophy for Cross Country.  Unfortunately a new leader couldn’t be found so it was decided to advertise in the local press.  A new leader was eventually found and the Group welcomed R Young in February.  In March the ADC Ken Pye retired and his position was taken by Wally Spence and lay officers were appointed, Secretary Mrs Robinson, Chairman Mrs Miles and Treasurer G F Cholerton.  The group took part in numerous activities including hikes, football matches, father and son hikes, church parades etc.

By May work on the new HQ was due to start.  The equipment and small hut were to be demolished, before the brick foundations of the new hut should be laid around the big hut which would be demolished when the new building was ready to be roofed.  The Patrol Challenge in May was to make a jet boat and cotton reel tank.

Members of 27th and 132nd in ‘Slipsteam’

The new Troop was launched and given the name Spitfire.  The Wednesday Night Troop would be Pegasus.  Their planned future activities included Canoeing, Disco and Tennis and Golf inter-Patrol challenges in Chaddesden Park, and a midnight hike.  The Drury Lowe Camping Competition at Drum Hill was to be held in August and the Scout swimming Gala in September.  The Cubs held a successful barge weekend along the grand Union Canal between Little Braunston and Coventry.

In September a new ASL Derek Buckler, arrived and the Friday Night Troop held a successful camp in the Lake District.  The Group again won the Talbot Trophy and the Cub section won the Coronet Bowl for swimming.

The Foundation Stone for the new HQ was laid by Mrs Olive Eden on the 13th October 1973.

The Christmas Party this year was a joint one with the 1st Chaddesden Guides at the Public Hall on 21st of December. The Cub Carol Service was held at Greenhill Methodist Church on the 14th December and the Group Carol Service was at Mayfield Road Methodist on the 23rd December.  Invitations were sent out to the 27th Group and 1st and 3rd Brownies to the Founders Day Service and Parade. The 145th were asked to organise the Church Parade.

January 1974 started off on a positive note with the clearing of the front ready for the crane to start on the walls of the new HQ. PC Applegate was invited to give a talk on Road Safety.  In February Martin Fox gained his Chief Scout Award and Neil Johnson of 27th was in America acting as Camp Counsellor.  It was announced that a group of French Scouts would be camping with the Group and invitations were sought for hospitality.  A camp was held in Walesby Forest on the weekend of the 17th of April.

In June, Brian Spencer gained his Chief Scouts Award.  By September there were rumours that a new Venture Unit was to be formed with the 132nd‘s new hut as HQ.  The Venture Unit, made up of 11 members, was formed in September, named Arrow VSU with VSL Neil Johnson, assisted by Paul.  Dave was to be temporary QM while the equipment was stored in his Mum’s shed.  Later that year, Clive Pegg and Mark Tidmus of the 132nd were part of the team which represented Derby at the City of Coventry County 21st Annual Swimming Gala.  They won the Special Inter Counties Team Relay Race, beating teams from London and the Home Counties.

The collection of waste paper was dropping off as Bussells were no long taking it.  A Joint Cub-Scout Carol service was proposed but the P L’s lacked incentive to attend, so it was decided to invite the Guides!  By November work on the new HQ roof had come to a stop as an application had to be put in to alter the ridge.  The time estimate for plans to be passed by the ‘Corporation’ was 46 weeks.  Later that month a Farewell party was held for Gang Show Producer Jim Foote, ex GSL.

1975 saw Andy Wilson leaving to become Assistant County Development Officer for Birmingham.  Paul Cholerton of Spitfire patrol gained his Chief Scout’s Award, and was to move up to the Venture Unit.  Building of the new HQ going on in fits and starts.  It was decided to have the front wall pebble-dashed rather than being faced with cedar wood because of cost.  Congratulations were sent to Dave and Frances MacAlister on the birth of their baby daughter.  In June a sailing course was held at Swarkestone, and a summer camp booked at Howe Farm, Portinscale nr Keswick.  In June, Green Pack won the Swimming Gala.

John Goodman, Anthony Hodgkin, Keith Harrison and David Stubbs gained their Venture Award.  Mrs Frances MacAlister retired as District Badge Secretary.  Joyce Johnson completed her Advanced Training Course at Chatsworth and a new Scouter, R N Johnson was welcomed into the Arrow unit.  Robin Mold gained his Queens Scout Award.  Robin was the Chairman of the Unit Executive and was very highly thought of.  Raymond Wright of Arrow Unit was congratulated for his First Aid skills when he came to the help of an injured motor-cyclist.  In May, Andrew Biggs received his Queen’s Scout Award and applied to be ASL with the 132nd.

The grand opening ceremony for the new HQ was held in September, complete with ribbon across the doorway, cut by Olive Eden.  The Borough Treasurer, guests from Radio Derby, Rev Parry and Captain Ruddick were all invited as a way of thanking them for their support.  Derby Borough Brass Band played during the event.

In September Joyce Johnson gained her Wood Badge, and in November Paul Camm ASL, married Shirley Bentley.  I Goodacre won the ‘Neat Dive’ trophy at the Swimming Gala.

In January 1977 Mark Winsom of Spitfire, gained his Chief Scout’s Award, followed in February by Simon Bullivant, Simon Pimblott and James Ryan of Pegasus Troop, and in April by Colin Dane and Conrad Sado of Spitfire Troop.  Not to be outdone, in August, Chris Beech and Keith Lambert of Spitfire, and Colin Mellor of Pegasus also gained their Chief Scout’s Award.

In February of 1978 the new roof was still leaking!

In 1981 Mick Broomhead offered his old van to the group for £100 and although it needed welding, the offer was taken up.  This was subsequently christened ‘The Monster’.  The group also became proud owners of Joy’s ‘Mirage’ sailing boat which was to be restored.  At the City carnival the group’s float came 3rd,and thanks were extended to Mr Quigley for the loan of his lorry.  A group dinner was held at the Beau Brummel in October.  Mrs Robinson paid a surprise visit to HQ and presented the Group with a special table cloth to mark her retirement and was thanked by F Cholerton on behalf of the group.

The following year, Mr Green offered the use of his low loader for the Carnival, and in March Robin Mold married.  April 1982, and the roof was still leaking!  It was finally repaired on the 4th of June 1982.  Mrs Ivy Wills was welcomed as provisional Chairman of the fund raising committee. On the 26th June, the group took part in the Mayor of Derby’s parade which was a great success.

In October of 1983 Olive Eden thanked the group for their visits to Age Concern, and their help with fundraising for ‘parcels for the housebound’ etc.  In November Alan Noble resigned as GSL.  He was presented with a gift of Royal Crown Derby.

The following year, a letter was sent out to parents to inform them that contrary to popular belief Scouters are not paid!  Alan Sowter took over as GSL, Mick Simpson as AGSL.  The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme was started by Penny Sowter and Dave Brown.

In September1984 it was agreed to form a Beaver Colony, leader to be Penny Sowter, with helpers, S Wood, J Bale and K Sowter.  T Miles was transferring to the Venture Unit.  Mick Broomhead announced that he was to do a sponsored slim to help raise funds.  In November there was a complaint from neighbours about parking during the Beaver meetings and the police were asked to attend.  November 1984, roof still leaking!  The group finally received a letter from the roofing company to say that defective materials had been used and the roof had to be completely refurbished.

In February 1985 F Cholerton received the scout Medal of Merit and K Sowter received her Queen’s Scout Award.  The following month 6 Scouters and 2 boys cleared out Brian Savage’s old shop and made over £100.  The Scouts also planned a scrap metal and paper collection, for which the use of a lorry had been offered.

Peewit Patrol with Les Gaskin as PL in 1960

In 1991 an article appeared in the Derby Evening Telegraph, asking for former members to get in touch in time for the 40th birthday celebrations.  This was held in the Church Hall of St Alban’s on Roe Farm Lane.

Many thanks for the information and photographs received from Fred Moss, David Brown, Dave MacAlister, Steve Boddy and Lesley Gaskin. My apologies if names are spelled incorrectly – please let me know and I will correct any mistakes.

Rita Johnson

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  1. I am and have been for the past 6 years The Group Scout Leader for the 132, I have just read the peice above and I have thoroughly enjoyed it thank you

  2. Hi

    I was Venture Scout Leader of the Arrow VSU when first formed. Happy times , with a good Group and some outstanding people. Good memories. Long live the 132 ( and I was originally a 27th lad !! )

  3. I was a member of 132 cubs with my brother Denis when they used to meet at Cavendish Close school. We used to run all the way there and back from where we lived on Ellendale Road at Trenton Green. Sally Orchard was Akela. I remember too Dave Boddy and Les Gaskin who was Bagheera! We moved up to Scouts where Cyril Roberts was SM, he was a stalwart of the gangshows and got us to appear in Slipstream. We later joined 27th after we moved house to Sunny Grove, but our grounding in Scouting was with 132.

  4. Fond memories of my days in the scouts – “Skip” was my inspiration and Paul Camm my hero who he helped me around when in a wheelchair for a while. Great article – btw, anyone remember the ‘Gang Show’ we did under the direction of Jim Foote?

  5. What a pleasant surprise to stumble across this page, and to find myself mentioned 🙂 I now live in the Outer Hebrides, and at the grand old age of 53 still enjoy camping and cooking on an open fire. My dad (Jim Foote) is mentioned several times, he is still going strong and lives in mid-Wales. Great to see so many familiar names!

  6. By the way, there is a mention of us entering the Drury Lowe camping competition at Drum Hill. What it doesn’t say is that we won it!! It was a great camp and I remember it well.

  7. I first joined the 132 in the mid 50’s as a member of the Cubs, Sally Orchard was Akela and her husband (known to us as The Old Goat) was the Group Leader. I Remember digging up their front garden while on a treasure hunt. Moving on to the Scouts, the brilliant Cyril Roberts was Skip, I can still see him sitting outside his bell tent at summer camp shaving with a cut throat razor without the use of a mirror while telling stories and jokes to the younger scouts sat at his feet. I was in the Peewit Patrol, Les Gaskin PL, Dave McAlester 2ndr. I also became Peewit Patrol 2ndr and then PL. Some of the other lads I remember are: Graham (Dob) Roberts, Gus Gore, Mick Ford, Bob Barlow, Mick & Gof Smith Pete & Les Goldsworthy. Great Days Great Site.

  8. So many names here from my early childhood.An aunt helped with Cubs thru’ George & Sally Orchard.My brother is mentioned for an award and I remember the Newspaper re-cycling scheme! Several names are familiar from when Scouts and Guides met at Peak ’74 and you found out who at Secondary School was in Guides/Scouts and later on Rangers/Ventures.Later on again, living near Glasgow I caught up with Andy Wilson during his time at Auchengillan.

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