Chaddesden Magazine, February 2012

A Chaddesden Timeline with World Events included.

1088.  Cedesdene mentioned in the Domesday Book.

1347. Bishop of Lichfield granted permission for people of Chaddesden to bury their dead in the village churchyard as opposed to having to take them to Spondon via the Coffin Road which cut through the Park.  Calais taken by Edward III,

1480. William Plumptom, owner of estates of Chaddesden died.  Spanish Inquisition starts.

1593. Robert Newton, owner of estates of Chaddesden died and the lands were passed to the Wilmot Family.  Henry IV of France becomes Catholic.

1638. Robert Wilmot the elder left provision in his will for 10 Alms Houses to be established in Derby and money to his son Robert to set up 6 such houses in Chaddesden. The Covenant was widely signed in Scotland.

1639. Robert Wilmot  jun. built a new house, probably a timber framed one, to replace the original building on the Park.  Charles I come to terms with the Scots.

1640. Edward Wilmot born in Chaddesden.   Long Parliament begins, abolition of Royal Prerogative.

1727. Edward inherited the house and replaced it with one made of brick and stone.  First Indemnity Act for Non-conformists.

1814. Sir Robert Wilmot built the last Chaddesden Hall  and this was the first without a thatched roof.  Abdication of Napoleon. Louis XVIII King of France.

1831. Reform Bill rioters attack Chaddesden Hall after a noisy march from Derby.   Faraday discovers electromagnetic induction.

1901. Sir Henry Wilmot VC died. His sister Constance continued to live at the house.  Queen Victoria dies and trans Siberia Railway opens.

1913. First fixed wing aircraft landed on Chaddesden Park. Piloted by Lieutenant  S C Wingfield Smith, who was a relative of the Vicar of Chaddesden, Revd Willoughby Allis-Smith. (it was a BE2a produced by the Army Aircraft Factory from 1912 onwards)  Treaty of Bucharest; most of Turkey – in – Europe divided among Balkan States.

1916. Constance Wilmot died. The estate was broken up and sold off.  Lord Kitchener died when HMS Hampshire struck a mine.

1917. August 6th, 7th and 8th . Old Village Fair and Revels held on the Park in aid of Lord Roberts’ Memorial Workshops for Wounded and Disabled Soldiers and Sailors. (Official Prog held by CHg Archives)  First Americans arrive in France, 3rd Battle of Ypres begins.

1923. Irish labourers were housed in the house whilst they were building the Celanese Factory at Spondon.   Earthquake in Japan, Tokyo and Yokohama left in ruins.

1927 Chaddesden Hall was pulled down.  The Park was now owned by Derby County Council.   Lindberg flies the Atlantic alone.

1930-40 The site of the Hall and the Park are all that remain as the rest was sold off for housing.  Invergordon Naval Mutiny,  Hitler comes to power, George V dies, Edward VIII abdicates after 325 days as King, George VI crowned King and WWII begins. 1940.  The night of December 12/13 a German bomb was dropped on the Park near to the paddling pool and caused damage to the church and other houses.   Evacuation of Dunkirk and  The  Battle of Britain was fought and won.

1954. A new Library was built in the Park.  Roger Bannister ran first sub 4 min mile.

1968. Chaddesden became part of the City of Derby.  Martin Luther King was assassinated.

1971.  The Chaddesden Brook was widened to prevent flooding and a new bridge was installed in the Park.  Rolls-Royce collapsed .

Andrew J Bailey

One Comment on “Chaddesden Magazine, February 2012

  1. I read that:

    “Benjamin Wilmot was born about 1589 in England. He was the son of Sir Roger Wilmot Esq., MP, born about 1545 in Chaddesdewn, Derbyshire, England, and his wife, Mary Eardley Wilmot. The Wilmot Family came from good old English stock, and was closely allied to the English nobility, being a lineal descendant of Sir John Eardly Wilmot.

    Could you tell m what the original source might be for this information?

    I am trying to verify if the son Benjamin Wilmot was actulally the son of Richard Wilmot Esq. Thanks!

    Elizabethe Walton 213 W.Main St.Palmyra NY 14522

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