Meetings from 2011

Meetings for 2018. Awaiting confirmation. Please check back later, thank you. 11/13/2017


Meetings for 2017.

5th Jan     Brian Key,                         Ripley Rattlers.

2nd Feb    Cathy McAteer,               Moscow to Moscow.

2nd Mar   Dr Ian Hambling,           TG Green Pottery (Cornishware).

6th Apr    AGM,                                  Followed by Stephen Flinders, Stanton at War.

4th May   Chris Weir,                        Jesse Boot (Boots Chemist).

1st Jun     Trevor Griffin,                  Butterly Gangroad Railway, Chrich.

6th Jul     Rowena Edlin-White,     Grace’s Diary, (Journal of Grace Jane Dexter, 1884-93).

3rd Aug   Mrs Daryle Greaves,       Lady Willoughby.

7th Sept   Simon Corke,                   Philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie.

5th Oct    Richard Stone,                 Robert Bakewell.

2nd Nov  Robert Mee,                     Heanor Grammar School.

14th Dec*                                           Bob Massey,   Music Hall on Film.  Note:- Members Only.

*(Second Thursday)


Meetings for 2016.

Jan 7th     Robert Mee,                  Derbyshire Castles.

Feb 4th    Richard Stone,              Meet the Pagets.

Mar 3rd   Roger Pogson,               History of Tea, plus tea tasting.

Apr 14th  AGM,                               Derek Palmer, Cinemas.

May 5th   Chris Weir.                     When the Band Played on.

Jun 2nd    10th Anniversary         Madeley Trio, Songs.

Jul 7th      Ernest Miller,              ‘Grace Dieu’ Priory.

Aug 4th   Mike Kelly,                    The Hidden Story Behind 1066.

Sept 1st   Stephen Flinders,         Owd Ilson, Part 2.

Oct  6th   David Bell,                     Down the Garden Path.

Nov 3rd   Ian Morgan,                  Footpads, Kings & Highwaymen.

Dec 15th  Clive & Jean,                Magic Show, History of Mystery.


Meetings for 2015

Jan 8th     Alan Hiley,                  Trent Motor Traction in the last 100 years,

Feb 5th    Richard Stone,            Richard III, Body in the Car Park and Princes in the Tower.

Mar 5th   Ian Rogerson,             ‘Say Cheese Please’.

Apr 2nd   AGM,                            Rita Bailey, Derwent Hospital.

May 7th   Doug Bradbury,         Specialist Farrier.

Jun 4th     Paul Newsham,         The Great Fire of London.

Jul 2nd     Robert Mee,               Bradshaws Guide, an early railway tour.

Aug 6th   Maureen Taylor,        Codnor Castle.

Sept 3rd   Rod Pearson,             Port Sunlight, a soap opera.

Oct 1st    Stephen Flinders,       Robert Bruce Napoleon Walker.

Nov 5th   David Wood,              Master Thatcher.

Dec 10th                                       Members Christmas Party. Derby A Capella Chorus.


Meetings for 2014

Jan 9th     Stephen Flinders,   Owd Ilson.

Feb 6th                                        The Great War and Shattered Illusions.

Mar 6th                                      Gods Acre, the story of Chaddesden Churchyard.

Apr 3rd    AGM                         Chaddessden, prior to the Great War.

May 1st,  Cliff Housely,           Wipers Times.

Jun 5th   Nick Clark,               Derby Pioneering School.

July 3rd  John Easter,            Alice in the Bacon Box.

Aug 7th   Richard Stone,        How to sell your wife.

Sept 11th Sue Fraser,              Sudbury Hall and Museum of Childhood.

Oct 2nd   Keith Blood,            Gingerbread and Ghitties.

Nov 6th   Danny Wells,          The Victorians and the Christmas Season.

Dec 11th  Christmas Party,    Ripley Morris Men.


Meetings for 2013

Jan 3rd  Stephen Flinders,    The history beneath our feet.

Feb 17th Dr Mark Edworthy, The Tiger Moth.

Mar 7th  Jonathon Wallace,   John Whitehurst.

Apr 4th    AGM                          Jean Moss, Know your Chaddesden.

May 2nd  David Templeman, Lady Arbella, the Queen that never was.

Jun 6th   Mike Kelly,                The Sleeping Beauty.

July 4th  Bruce Townsend,     Life in Georgian Times.

Aug 1st   Joan Ward,                Kill or Cure.

Sept 5th Robert Mee,               Vic Hallam, one man and his company.

Oct 3rd  Alan Roberts,             The Coal Mines of Buxton.

Nov 7th  Richard Stone,          The River Trent as a Routeway.

Dec 12th Christmas Party,       Trevor Lee, Golden Days of the Music Hall.


Meetings for 2012

Jan 5th  Derek Palmer,            Co-op Shops.

Feb 2nd Richard Felix,            History at the Crossroads.

Mar 1st  Keith Blood,               Croxton Abbey-Stydd Hall.

Apr 5th  AGM,                          Andrew Bailey, Archives.

May 3rd David Parry,             Joseph Wright-Painter of Light.

Jun 7th  Ian Hingley,              Derbyshire Sayings.

July 5th Ken & Marie Garner, History of Cartoons

Aug 2nd Richard Felix,           Bonnie Prince Charlie-Failed to Attend.

Sept 6th Brian Key,                 Engineering of Butterley Co.

Oct 4th  Clive Tougher,          Band of Brothers.

Nov 1st  Pam Helm                 Kedleston Hall.

& Shirley Smith.

Dec 13th Christmas Party.


Meetings for 2011

Jan 6th  Norma Consterdine, Derbyshire Houses and Gardens.

Feb 3rd Sid & Barbara Marson, The History of Celanese.

Apr 7th AGM,                                 The Archives Team.

May 5th Clive Tougher,                Florence Niightingale.

Jun 2nd Ken & Marie Garner,    Derby Buildings.

Jul 7th  Myra Challand,                A Life Less Ordinary.

Aug 4th Ian Hingley,                    Life in the Big House.

Sept 1st Mr & Mrs Giblin,            Langley Mill Pottery.

Oct 6th Glynn Plant,                     Magistrates Court.

Nov 3rd Peter Cholerton,            Chaddesden.

Dec 1st  Christmas Party,            The Archives Team.





One Comment on “Meetings from 2011

  1. Many thanks for the info on the ‘Chaddesden light railway’

    I am interested in the history of Chaddesden, Morley and Stanley.

    I have been trying to find out if there were any brick kilns on Brick Kiln Lane in Morley. I believe that there are clay pits in what is now the Morley Nature Reserve, and wondered if these were used to make bricks.

    Also, I am trying to find out if ‘Lime Lane’ refers to the trees or to the industrial past. In any case, why are there two Lime Lanes?

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